Insurance Mediation

Our insurance mediation services cover all areas of the insurance market, both for businesses and individuals

Insurance Mediation Services

MTConsulting works along with most of the existing insurance companies on the portuguese market and as well as for some of the leading international ones.

MTConsulting has professionals with extensive experience and technical competence that will accompany you in the decision of the solution that best suits your needs.

We develop customized and competitive solutions for companies and individuals, always striving for professionalism and dedication from our team and always for the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that we are the ideal insurance partner to find and manage a solution that best suits the protection of your business or asset

What We do in Insurance Mediation

      • Business Insurance:
        1. – Trade, Services and Industry;
          – Credit Insurance;
          – Job Accidents;
          – Civil Liability;
          – Car Insurance;
          – Equipment / Machinery Breakdowns;
          – Goods Transportation;
          – Operating Losses.


      • Individual Insurance:
        1. – Job Accidents;
          – Personal Accidents;
          – Civil Liability;
          – Leisure Activities;
          – Car Insurance;
          – House Insurance;
          – Condo Insurance;
          – Health Insurance;
          – Life Insurance;
          – Retirement Savings Plans.

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