Creating a New Company

We have an extensive experience in the procedures for the Creation of a New Company

You want to initiate a New Project?

In MTConsulting we have a team of specialized professionals who will support through the process of defining the correct type of company that you need to create in order to initiate you new project, taking into account your vision and goals for the business, and always considering the variables that can influence it, which are originated by the market movements.

Our team takes care of all the documentation needed for the creation of a New Company and as well as for all the procedure itself with the competent authority. In MTConsulting we develop Business Plans and Business Model Plans,  in order to help you to successfully iniate your New Project. We also have specialized know-how on the development and implementation of strategic plans. Along with MTConsulting you can comfortably watch the birth of your new company.

We commit ourselves every day to insure the quality and rigor of our services, so that our clients can have a high success rate.

Your Project will be in good hands with MTConsulting!

Our Services for the Creation of New Companies

  • Monitoring and Coordination of the entire procedure for Creation of a New Company;
  • Investment projects;
  • Measures to support the hiring through the IEFP;
  • Support and Management Information;
  • Development of Business Plans;
  • Development of Business Models;
  • Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans;
  • Budget Analysis and Development;
  • Development of Manuals and Procedure Standards;
  • Development and Review of the Tax Mandatory Statements.

We have turned the following projects into a reality


Created with the intuition to provide the best practices of economic, financial and operating management, to all the national and international gymnasiums and health clubs.

• Company Creation
• Tax Consultancy
• Analysis and Forecast of the Fiscal Impact in the long term


Online Platform that allows you to find the best training locations worldwide, providing the possibility to acquire daily or weekly passes.

• Development of the Business Plan
• Development of the Business Model Plan
• Tax Consultancy throughout the whole contest Lisbon Challenge (startup contest)


Company dedicated to the development and implementation of multi-touch interactive solutions, that throughout the past few years has allowed to thousands of congressmen to be able to replace their scientific posters by multimedia systems.

• Company Creation
• Forecast of the Fiscal Impact
• Consultancy on the Development of the Business Model Plan


The Clínica da Electrónica dedicates itself to the reparation, installation and maintenance of electronic equipments. Based on cost minimization, the Company is able to repair electronic equipments at a low cost.

• Company Creation
• Development of the Business Model Plan
• Implementation of web tools
• Market research for the geographical area
• Mapping and monitoring results


Company that rents rooms and apartments in Lisbon, on a short-term basis. Ondacity allows you to make safe reservations on a convenient manner, through the telephone or by the internet.

• Restructuration of the entire financial structure
• Mapping and monitoring results
• Management Consultancy
• Restructuration of the Human Resources functions
• Implementation of a cost control system

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